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As you know, everything is closed where live music plays.

Yet you may not know, that there is a lot of live music being streamed by local musicians on Facebook to share their gifts with us, to raise our spirits, and to foster community.  So if you have a favorite local musician, check their FB page and see if they are posting events or have links to videos on their pages or on YouTube.

Wishing us all well during this time,

Little Italy


For previous calendars, visit our Facebook page

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6 thoughts on “Calendars

  1. Paul Motter

    This is a very cool thing you are doing. I am looking for blues jam nights with a live drummer (not just acoustic guitar). BTW: I am an acquaintance of Richie Strell (met him a couple times through mutual friends).

    Paul Motter

    1. Alice Post author

      Hi Paul, there is a blues jam on Tuesday nights at Prohibition with a live drummer. Check out the website for other blues jams around San Diego. I don’t really know Richie Strell, although I think he’s part of the blues jam at Downtown Café in El Cajon on Sunday afternoons.

    2. Alice Post author

      Hey Paul, I just realized I gave you the wrong day when I answered you before. The jam is on Wednesdays at Prohibition from 9pm-1am, and it’s a blues, R&B and soul jam. Hope you can make it sometime. It’s been very successful and a lot of fun! Alice

  2. Gary Santo-Pietro

    I am a friend of Janet Blairs, she told me to contact you about some possible gigs, what I need to find out is if you know of any places that would need what I do,which is instrumental versions of all kinds of styles but doing it more as a background vibe while people are mingling, eating,or just hanging out,I have been doing the farmers market Mercato in Little Italy ,some wine tastings,art shows,and a few restaurants,always looking for more places,any ideas would be deeply appreciated
    Can send a demo

    1. Alice Post author

      Hi Gary, I actually don’t ever get involved with booking bands. I get the weekly schedules from the venues, and that’s all. They all have their own rotation of bands and don’t ask me to be involved in that. If you do acoustic playing, then contact The Acoustic Spot ( They book acoustic musicians in several places downtown, and I get the calendar for several venues off their calendar. One other idea is to look on my weekly calendar (I saw you signed up for it), and see which venue has musicians playing music similar to yours and go talk to them. Many places do their own booking. Hope this helps, Alice

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